The Problem

Streamers needed a new way to interact with their users, but the existing tools didn’t cut it. We attended conventions, interviewed online communities, and came up with the idea of making streaming more interactive through gaming.

Prototyping & Testing

We knew we were on to something. We immediately tried to make the sloppiest version of the game we could to test our idea. We launched a simple admin panel, and a bare bones chat-app that we ran in a stream we hosted ourselves. We circulated it with some of our friends, and the game seemed pretty fun.

One thing was clear, but the chat interface proved difficult to use. People kept missing the bets, or losing out on time. We needed to solve this with some interface.

Pulling it together. Our MVP and first play-test

We created a first version of the game with some basic code, and tested it live on a stream we hosted ourselves. We circulated it with a community of over 50 avid gaming fans, and we got them to play. The response was immediate. They loved it.

Making things simpler

We knew we were on to something, but one major hurdle still blocked us. There just weren’t enough hands to run the contests, so how could we solve this? We decided that a simpler form of the game would be a single bet sheet that could be filled out beforehand. The streamer would simply have to report the results.

Our go-to-market

After trying things out with some test streamers, we were ready to try a soft launch of our product. We launched it on the StreamLabs OBS app store, with an accompanying website and landing pages, and we had over 200 paying users sign up overnight.


Spektate is still in active development, and continues to grow each day. We have a dedicated group of users in Discord that provide us consistent feedback, and the team strives to improve it every day.

"Spektate is truly a game changer. It's a great way to play along with my audience."


"Spektate lets my fans tell me what do to next. It really adds a new layer to my streams, and the audience has a blast."

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