Researching the problem

Cable and hardware vendors have no consistent process, and no easy way to sell new products. Catalogue visibility is poor, and coverage is limited. In order to understand their process, workflow, and problems we started by talking to the Agents directly as well as the people they worked with. Who were they, who did they sell to, what did they sell? We were on the hunt for pain points.

Prototyping & Testing

One thing led us to another, and we kept honing in on what problems we could possibly tackle. We began to understand the path of a typical sales process, and what opportunites there were to solve pain points.

Our learning led us to create a customer journey map of all the agent’s existing pain points. Not all of the them would be solvable, and none of them were easy, but we decided to tackle the ones that we had the best ability to work on.

Mocking up solutions

We started off by mocking up a dashboard that contained some of the information we thought they most would want to see. It turned out that while the numbers were useful, it really didn’t hit on what they wanted. They wanted more granularity into what the status of their orders actually was.

Iterating on feedback

We created a set of slides in Invision that allowd the agents to drill into what they cared about the most. Their orders, and their commissions

The Future

This project is ongoing. We’re honing in on exactly what the agents need, and continuing to validate these assumptions with them through on-site testing. This project is slated for 2019 release.